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Windows or Linux?

Windows vs Linux

Windows vs Linux

What a stupid title!!! Or no? Maybe…
Well, I think there are three basic answers: 1st: Windows!; 2nd: Linux!; 3rd: What a stupid question!!!
Let’s go over these reactions.

Windows! Windows!: If you are in this group, you probably grew accustomed to this system. You can do everything you need and don’t even think in the possibility to change your Operating System (OS);

Linux! Linux!: If you are in this group, you probably are a Linux enthusiast. You can do everything you need and you have an ideological bond with the system. Maybe you participate in some open source project or anything like this;

What a stupid question!!!: If you think so (like I do), you probably already used both OS and know that every OS has its peculiarities, niche that it was designed for, strong points and weak points.

I think there’s no problem in being a Windows or Linux fan. You just have to watch out in order to respect all the different opinions. If you use Windows and think of Linux as a bunch of absurd codes for virgins, you may have some problems in the future. Likewise, if you use Linux and think of Windows as basic system for newbies you may have to fight against the majority of PC users.

I was intolerant in so many aspects that I learnt with the disastrous results this policy brought to me. When I started using Linux, e.g., I also started to despise Windows, but I was wrong. Each system has its devoted users. It’s absolutely normal.

This planet has different people that thinks differently about almost everything. So, we can have different systems living together with no troubles at all. The key for this and so many others rivalries is respect and empathy. Thus, we can go further!