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カレーパーティー (Curry Party)

Curry with rice

Curry with rice

Wow, it’s been a long time huh?
These days are really busy, it’s tough to even get time to sleep -.-‘ but I’m here now and I have an awesome party to write about.
Some time ago I went to a Curry Party (or カレーパーティー, karee paatii) organized by one of the Japanese professors of Unicamp, Suzuki Emiko-sensei. The party was in her house and began around 10:00h, terminating 22:00h.
I arrived there 16:30h, after my last class and stayed until the end ^_^
When I got there, there weren’t so many acquaintances, but soon some of them arrived. Anyway, I’ve made the acquaintance of many people, including other Japanese students.
That night I listened people speaking in Japanese, Portuguese, German, Cantonese and English, incredible I guess! I tried to say something in some of these languages, but I have a long long way up… It was a very cultural night and I’m very happy for it. That’s something I won’t forget.

皆様 お疲れ様でした! Thanks everyone!